About Us

The Story and Philosophy of German Technology based DAF Modular Kitchens

In 2009, DAF began as a small joinery workshop at Lucknow (India), and over the next 14 years, it grew into an unrivalled legacy brand.

Since its founding, DAF has been driven by the inspiration to satisfy customer needs while upholding the greatest standards of quality, durability and reliability. We believe in customer satisfaction; hence DAF follows the approach to customize product as per customer needs with up to 10 ten years replacement warranty on different products. This straightforward outlook has only strengthened rather than changed.

Today, DAF is a specialised manufacturer of contemporary fitted best modular furniture that live up to the greatest industry standards for quality, innovation, functionality, and longevity.

Germany's world-class engineer excellence

Where the magic happens is at DAF's state-of-the-art large manufacturing facility. The company has centralisedall its manufacturing, we are currently producingthe kitchens every dayto the meet customer’s requirements. The yearly revenue of DAF is increasing day by day. DAF is able to uphold its commitment to unrivalled quality by combining cutting-edge manufacturing technology with DIN-certified basic materials.

The cornerstone of this German technology business is strengthened by ongoing innovation within its internal R&D division, sound logistics that assure prompt delivery, design and installation training coupled with strong after-sales service.

Global Reach

DAF's production facilities in Lucknow, ship kitchens to PAN India and providing the quality of services across the nation. The modular kitchens are custom-made for all market sectors, and the company's main competency is its ongoing research and development to introduce new technologies that will raise industry standards.


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DAF Modular Kitchen in India

The three foundations of DAF's success in India are specialised designing, exact installation, and rapid after-sales service.

DAF entered the Indian market in 2009 with headquarters based in Lucknow. The brand has successfully filled a glaring void and altered the way the Indian market operates in the past 14 years.

At DAF, we have always understood the importance of high-quality interior products and "attention to customer care" in the business.

Nowadays, DAF has 3 upscale showrooms located in UP out of which 2 are in Lucknow and 1 in Raebareily. All the services provided by DAF are available in PAN India.

DAF has strategic alliances with several home appliance manufacturers in India, including Bosch, Siemens, Grass, Kessebohmer, Hettich and Blum in the mid-range and luxury sector. The affiliations attest to DAF's dedication to delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction with 100% genuine product.

Perks of Choosing DAF Modular Kitchen:

  • 100% Genuine Product
  • A completely customised modular kitchen experience
  • Eye-catching kitchen interiors
  • Affordable solutions with German technology
  • Up to 10 years of replacement warranty